10 February 2015 11:41

Chaoji Li, an independent Chinese developer, has created an iOS app that allows users to save “digests” of important documents in the blockchain. This is not the first attempt to use the public ledger as a kind of cloud storage service – in 2014, BlockSign introduced a similar option.

10 February 2015 09:49

Brothers Rohani from Isfahan in Iran have shared their experience of overcoming sanctions with the help of bitcoin with The Village, a Russian media outlet.

09 February 2015 21:18

Ice Cubed and VoguePay suggest to use bitcoin “more as control of currency as opposed to be a currency in itself”. “The idea is to have people in the international community be confident of buying products from a Nigerian supplier and knowing that … credit card details aren't going anywhere,” Gareth Gobler, ICE3X founder told IamSatoshi.

09 February 2015 15:00

According to local news, investors might have lost more than $300 million in a bitcoin exchange crash. One Bitcointalk user believes that the figures are grossly exaggerated and estimates the losses at $65,000 at most.