Eccentric critic of the original bitcoin and supporter of Bitcoin Cash attacked the Lightning Network, which is designed to scale the bitcoin system and accelerate its mass adoption.

Roger Ver in a video message spoke about his distrust in the technology of Lightning Network. He recalled the words of bitcoin enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos, who recently stated that the Lightning Network is still in the "very early early stages of development and most of the clients are still in BETA category," adding that there are vulnerabilities and thus it should not be run on mainnet.

According to Ver, Antonopoulos's statement confirms what Ver has been speaking about for a long time. Ver called the Lightning Network technology "unproved" and subject to multiple vulnerabilities, which could lead to loss of funds from senders and recipients.

“It has more than 99% chance of failing for payments over $100.”

Ver continued to criticize the technology, noting that “lightning network experience is way worse than what Bitcoin usage experience” was from 2009-2014. According to him, the developers of Lightning Network are trying to invent a wheel, but instead they managed to invent a square.

The Lightning network operates on top of the bitcoin blockchain and is a second-level payment protocol. According to the project description, Lightning Network provides fast transactions between nodes and was activated as a solution to scalability problems of bitcoin.

Later, Roger Ver wrote on Twitter that bitcoin in his current state should be called Lightning Coin, whereas Bitcoin Cash is the true heir of Satoshi Nakamoto's ideas and therefore should be called Satoshi Coin.