F2Pool, the sixth largest mining pool in the world, released data on the cost of mining bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins on various mining devices.

Shen Yu, co-founder of the mining pool F2Pool, unveiled its calculations on the production cost of various cryptocurrencies on several most popular mining devices. If the price of those cryptocurrencies falls below that level, the mining will become unprofitable and all activities will not be economically justified.


For example, the prime cost of producing one bitcoin on the Antminer S9 device from Bitmain is 30,262 yuan ($4,424), while the older Antminer S7 and Avalon A741 are not so energy effective and consume $11,594 and $6,460 respectively. The cost of mining ETH on video cards Radeon 570, 580 and GeForce 1060 fluctuates around $130.

The most advantageous device for mining bitcoin is the T2 miner from Dragonmint. The prime cost of producing bitcoin on it is $3,896. It is followed by Avalon A841 and Antminer S9.

The calculation was made taking into account the complexity of mining as of 6 September and based on the price of electricity at 0.45 yuan ($0,066) per kWh.