Special purpose integrated circuits (ASICs) for bitcoin mining on 7 nm chips manufactured by the Japanese GMO Internet will come to the market later due to the shortage of components.

GMO's new ASICs are late

The Japanese company GMO Internet announced that deliveries of new 7nm ASICs for bitcoin mining would be postponed to a later date. Previously it was expected that B2 miners will be delivered in late October, with B3 miners following them in November. The representative of GMO explained that deliveries were postponed due to the shortage of components.

“It is because the parts we need for our mining machines are actually very difficult to acquire right now … It is difficult to acquire some of the electronic components, such as resistors, due to the tight global supply-demand balance.”

The company representative said that currently, GMO Internet has not decided whether to ship any miners this year, Bitcoin News reports.

The price of improved B2 and B3 miners during the pre-order period was $1,999, and both lines were completely sold out.

According to the company, it is ready to reimburse the money to anyone who applies for a refund. Some customers have already received a refund.

Transferring mining operations

Founder and CEO of GMO Internet, Masatoshi Kumagai, announced plans to relocate the company's mining capacities in order to increase profitability by reducing electricity and production costs. He did not reveal where exactly GMO mining enterprises could be transferred. The question is reportedly under discussion.

In the third quarter, GMO Internet reported a loss from its mining business due to a decrease in profitability and low rates of bitcoin, with the network hashrate increasing significantly.

In October 2018, GMO mined 595 BTC and 875 BCH. The total GMO hashrate increased to 674 PH/s from 479 PH/s in September.