Bitcoin miners actively use renewable energy sources. More than 74% of mined bitcoins were created using environmentally friendly energy resources.

According to a new study by Coinshares, 74.1% of all existing bitcoins were mined using renewable energy sources. Considering this parameter, bitcoin mining is much more environmentally friendly than other industries. However, since November 2018, the share of renewable energy in total bitcoin mining decreased. In November it stood at 77.8%, while currently it declined to 74.1%.

Renewable energy comes from constantly updated sources such as water, wind and sun.

The report also notes that given the current prices in the market, the average miner is highly profitable, since even outdated equipment and high-cost manufacturers are now able to provide a positive return on investment.

The study also notes that since November 2018, the total network's hashrate increased from 40 to 50 quintillion hashes per second (Eh/s). This may indicate that miners with old mining equipment that was unprofitable due to crypto winter returned to mine bitcoins.

The most popular energy for mining is hydroenergy. That's why plenty of mining farms are concentrated in such regions as the Chinese province of Sichuan, Canadian Quebec and the US state of Washington.