Dr. Jochen Konrad, a specialist in dating and relationships, thinks that speaking of bitcoin to a girl might damage the chances of having a romantic relationship with her.

Some bitcoin enthusiasts wish to speak about their passion all the time, evangelizing at home, at parties with friends and at dates. However, in a romantic situation bitcoin might be a topic to avoid, warns Dr. Jochen Konrad aka Dr. K., German expert in dating and relationships. He believes bitcoin “doesn’t really stimulate the imagination of women or deliver any emotional cues.” Of course, if everything becomes serious, the man will have to tell the girl about bitcoin. But it is better to choose the right moment.

“I would only recommend even talking about it, when she already shows an interest in technical topics — or asks how the hell he just paid for coffee,”

says the doctor.

Dr. K. appeared many times on German TV talk shows. He runs a blog about first dates. He also wrote a number of books which became controversial because of his willingness to speak most openly about complicated issues. They include, for instance, The Affair Handbook: How to step aside and/or handle multiple women in your life without getting caught, and The Ultimate Psycho Test For Women: The secret weapon for talking to women effortlessly and keeping them interested in you. All the books are available for sale in bitcoins.

Dr. K. is planning a tour of the U.S. where the attendees of his lectures will be able to get his advice personally. To return the favour, they will have to buy him a cigar or give him enough bitcoins to buy one. Cigars are the second great passion of Dr. K., after bitcoin. However, he says cigars gave him more romantic opportunities than bitcoin.