Japanese authorities established a national cybersecurity agency with the headquarters in Tokyo. About 500 specialists will work together to combat cybercrimes.

The center, established after Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck was hacked in January, will bring together 500 analysts and investigators from various units of the Japanese police and other law enforcement agencies. The center will operate in Tokyo, Kyodo reports.

Last year in Japan, there were more than 3 million attempts to steal digital data. Hackers stole funds worth more than 17 billion Japanese yen (about $160 million), which is twice the figure of 2016. 662 million yen were stolen in cryptocurrencies.

According to the Japanese police, in 2017 there were 149 attacks on cryptocurrency resources. The most frequent ways of stealing cryptocurrencies were insufficiently protected wallets with open and private keys. In general, criminals stole Ripple (453.5 million yen), bitcoin (194.4 million), Ethereum (5.3 million) and NEM (9.2 million). The peak of attacks occurred in June 2017 (41 attacks). Then the indicator fell to 20 attacks a month, and in December rose slightly to 25.

But in January hackers managed to compromise the hot wallet of the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, stealing NEM coins worth more than $520 million at that time.

According to the Japan Times, a total of 16 Japanese crypto-exchanges were attacked in 2017, with 80% demonstrating an insufficient level of security.