Ripple has reportedly tried to force major US-based cryptocurrency exchanges to list its XRP token as its price falls by 86% on a year-to-date basis.

The San Francisco-based company contacted to major US-based crypto-exchanges, Gemini and Coinbase, and offered financial motivation in order to pop in its XRP token in their listings, Bloomberg reports citing four anonymous sources.

Thus, last year, Ripple offered $1 million in cash to the Gemini exchange owned by the Winklevoss brothers trying to persuade it to list XRP in the third quarter. Ripple also offered Gemini to pay out rebates and cover costs related to listing.

Last fall, Ripple also contacted Coinbase, offering it an interest-free loan for as much as $100 in XRP tokens for listing.

But both exchanges rejected Ripple's offers.

Gemini and Coinbase both declined to comment on these rumours.

Ripple got away from a response, contenting itself with the answer that "Ripple has always been transparent about our focus on building and growing a strong XRP ecosystem, we want XRP to be the most liquid digital asset possible to enable faster, cheaper global payments.”

The amount of one million dollars is not the greatest reward that the exchanges receive for the listing of tokens. The analytical company Autonomous Research discovered that organizers of ICOs have to pay from $1 to $3 million for listing on largest world exchanges.

According to the research, ICO organizers usually agree to such conditions. Often the success of a project depends on whether potential customers can buy company tokens.