Queries in search engines show which US states residents demonstrate the highest interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and which ones use crypto the most in their ordinary lives.

According to Google Trends, the least interest in cryptocurrencies is seen in Wyoming, West Virginia, Mississippi, South Dakota, show the data obtained by RewardExpert research resource.

The greatest interest in cryptocurrencies is demonstrated by residents of California, New York, New Jersey, Washington and Alaska.


The explanatory note to the study notes that if California, where the Silicon Valley and the headquarters of many IT companies are located, is quite expected to be the first in terms of residents' interest in cryptocurrencies, then Alaska broke into the top 5 due to the fact that the the state population is known for its commitment to libertarian values.

"A state with a long history of libertarian politics, far removed from the central government of the country, Alaskans' high levels of interest in the cryptocurrency reflects the appeal of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to those with a (healthy?) centralization. "

The top 10 states, whose population demonstrates the greatest interest in cryptocurrencies, also includes Nevada, Florida, Utah, Connecticut and Colorado.

The most active users of cryptocurrency, however, were not the same as those who showed the highest interest in them. So, the rating of states with the most active use of cryptocurrencies is topped by Washington, New Hampshire, Georgia, Nevada and Colorado. Curiously, California did not even enter the top-10 of such states.