The Bitcoin Gold team promises to announce the exact date of the hardfork, aimed at making ASIC mining of the cryptocurrency inefficient.

Bitcoin Gold announced that they are continuing to develop solutions that will change its Proof-of-Work algorithm and make the network resistant to mining on ASIC chips.

"We'll be moving our mining algorithm to a different version of Equihash that we're calling Equihash-BTG," the statement released today reads.

According to the developers, most of necessary compomemts are already coded, but they need time to conduct thorough testing. The team promises that in the near future they will inform the exact date of the hardfork:

"We’re now making good progress and expect to be able to establish a firmer timeline for the Upgrade shortly, which we intend to share in another update three days from now."

Network participants, such as wallets, mining pools, exchanges and others, will be notified at least seven days before the update. Detailed information will be published on the project forum and in the repository on GitHub.

In early March, a few hours after the Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain, announced the launch of sales of the new Antminer Z9, designed to mine Bitcoin Gold, Zcash and other cryptocurrency using the Equihash algorithm, Martin Kuvandzhiev, representative of Bitcoin Gold team, wrote about project's plan to hardfork.