An ethical computer hacker detected at least eight bugs in the EOS code. He will be rewarded with up to $120,000.

White hat hacker Guido Vranken found 12 vulnerabilities in the EOS code. He reported found bugs to the team as a member of the EOS bounty bug program. Eight bugs are already confirmed, and Vranken is granted to receive $80,000 for their detection. Four more bugs are waiting for confirmation.

Jon Bottarini, technical program manager in Hacker0 × 01, wrote in his twitter:


Vranken responded that, by his calculations, after confirming all found vulnerabilities, the total amount of the reward would be $120,000. He told that it took him about a week to find all the vulnerabilities.

The blockchain platform EOS held a record crowdsdale, which lasted almost a year. The project attracted about $4 billion via ICO. The tokensale ended on 1 June.

Last week, the Chinese cybersecurity company Qihoo 360 announced that it had also detected critical vulnerabilities in the EOS code, one of which allows to run malicious software on full EOS nodes remotely and, thus, gain full control over them.