Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected the idea of ​​launching Russian national cryptocurrency, but called for studying this technology and its potential.

Speaking at his annual phone-in, Putin answered few questions about cryptocurrencies, asked by Russian blogger Artem Kholikov. He asked whether Russia plans to issue its own cryptocurrency and what views Putin has over this technology.

"Russia can not issue its own cryptocurrency by definition, as well it can not be done by any other country. Because cryptocurrencies are beyond national borders. We do not regulate mining, and we treat it carefully. Most countries does not recognize them as means of settlement. "

Putin remembered that cryptocurrencies are used as a means of settlement in Japan, but the Russian Central Bank is not so positive to this class of assets.

"The Central Bank believes that cryptocurrencies can not be a means of payment, settlement, store of value. And they are not backed by anything. So we must take them very carefully."

Nevertheless, such a phenomenon in the world exists and is developing, therefore it is necessary to investigate, analyze and think about how cryptocurrencies can be used in the interests of Russia, Putin proceeded.

"We should look at some stage how we can participate in this process, how we can use it to, among other things, bypass any restrictions in the sphere of international financial activity."