A startup offering to store realtime records in the blockchain teams up with three companies pegging bitcoin to other commodities. On March 9th, 10th and 11th, Factom and three other bitcoin companies, Tether, Serica and Coinapult, issued joint statements announcing their new collaboration.

The three partners were selected by Factom for an asset allocation model, says the company blog. All three companies are known to peg bitcoin to other commodities, such as precious metals, and fiat currencies. Their approaches are different.

Tether positions itself as the first company in history to “allow real-world currency to be used on the blockchain, just like bitcoin”. The goal is to combine the benefits of bitcoin such as cheap, secure, and fast transactions with the stability of fiat currency. Customers can convert their bitcoins into a corresponding amount of tether dollars, euros, or yens and send them anywhere in the world with the help of the blockchain. The service is still in the beta period.

Serica offers its customers digital tokens representing gold, silver, palladium and platinum, in bars and coins, backed one-to-one.  In the future, it also plans to offer stock certificates, soft commodities, and even strips of farmland.

Coinapult is a cryptocurrency wallet operating since the beginning of 2012. Factom is especially interested in its Locks service, allowing customers to peg their bitcoin balance to a more stable asset – US dollar, euro, British pound, gold, or silver.

Factom styles itself as “a generalized data layer for the blockchain that allows users to publish and verify any kind of digital information”. According to its founder Paul Snow, it provides its customers a blank slate that they can use to write down anything they wish and then insert it into blockchain. Once uploaded in the blockchain, the documents cannot be changed. It enables a real-time, honest record-keeping system, according to the company.

While Tether, Serica and Coinapult are interested in Factom as a company that could help them maintain their records in blockchain, Factom is going to sell its software and looks for a way to protect itself from bitcoin volatility. The partnerships may include other conditions that will be disclosed later.