In the future, the Bitcoin Investment Trust plans a listing on a national stock exchange, the fund’s representative Terrence Dempsey told CoinFox, noting that the “timing for this yet to be determined”.

Dempsey sent CoinFox an email, in which he outlined some plans of the BIT,

“We do intend to seek a listing on a national stock exchange, however, the timing for this is yet to be determined and no assurance can be given that such listing will take place”

Today,The Wall Street Journal reported that the Bitcoin Investement Trust received approval from one of the American regulators (FINRA) to be assigned a ticket and to begin trading shortly. Thus, the BIT managed to reach this stage of the regulation process faster than its main competitor, Winklevoss Capital, a fund created by Tyler and Ronald Winklevoss.

Terrence Dempsey wrote that after receiving regulatory approval the Bitcoin Investment Fund will work for a short while with a temporary ticker:

“Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) shares have been assigned a temporary ticker symbol by FINRA in connection with approval of the Form 15c-211 filed by the BIT’s market maker. The permanent ticker symbol will be GBTC and is expected to be effective shortly"

The representative of the fund emphasised that the shares will be quoted  “under the Alternative Reporting Standards on OTCQX®, the top marketplace operated by OTC Markets Group”. The date of the start of trading is not clear:

“Although we have been assigned a ticker symbol, no assurances can be given as to when or if such trading will commence, or that an active public secondary market for BIT shares will develop or be maintained”