Crypto Trade Line (CTL) application is an up-to-date investment program developed on the Ethereum platform. It is most powerful tool for trade and investment in the cryptocurrency market to make Cryptotrading simpler and more available for everyone.

CryptoTradeLine (CTL) App works on Android and IOS operating systems. The end user can manage the investments into cryptocurrencies, track an exchange rate,  receive and use analytical data.

The growing cryptocurrency world demands simple and clear application for mobile devices.  Everyone will understand details of cryptocurrency market trade management and investments the at ease.

CryptoTradeLine makes cryptotrading available for anyone! The product grants its investors with deserved profit!

The quantity of CTLcoin  for ICO is limited. 63 million tokens will be issued. Due to this amount of token issue we will avoid inflation and provide the appreciated value and increase market value of tokens.

The team of the project have developed competent marketing strategy, advertizing campaign is launched worldwide. It guarantees highest level of CTLcoin par value. And it means, that investors will get profit from application sales as well as from transactions on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and operations with P2P tokens.

Besides tokens benefit, the investors have other advantages: all options of the Crypto Trade Line application will be available to holders of tokens free of charge within a year.

CTLcoin tokens in holders wallets and detailed plan on targeted  use of recourses ensure investors and provides guarantee. It is reliable and profitable to make investments in our project. Just a few time remained...Still have any doubts? You have time to make a correct decision until 9 July.