Billionaire star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is creating a new online gallery for digital art in order to develop a platform for the demonstration of NFT tokens.

Cuban is building a digital art and collectibles online-gallery. According to Cuban, the website is already up and running, with tens of thousands of people using it in its early days.

The platform allows users to display digital art and collectibles in one place. He noted that if it is possible to mint and create digital art on different platforms, there is still no way to demonstrated bought art-related NFT tokens.

“I wanted an easy way to show my NFTs and a way to put them in my social bios, my email signature, and any place I can stick a URL,” Cuban said in a conversation with The Block. “People are curious about what other people collect. There wasn’t a super-easy way to do it.”

To join the platform, users are asked to register with their email address and add their MetaMask wallet. By creating a unique URL, they are able to share their NFT collection on various mobile networks, as well as via email and text messages. The platform does not display user wallet addresses.

In a few months, the market for non-fungible tokens related to art, music, sports and even food has rapidly grown from a small segment of the cryptocurrency market to a sparkling niche of world art. The interest to NFT art tokens reached its peak in the spring of 2021 when artist Beeple sold its collage of 5,000 photographs for a staggering $69.4 million through Christie's auction house.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet to NFT this week for $2.9 million. The buyer was an investor named sinEstavi. Dorsey created the tweet using Cent, an Ethereum-based service that allows users to mint, sell, and bid on NFT tweets. Dorsey's post, which he posted on March 21, 2006, reads, "just setting up my twttr." Dorsey said he will donate all proceeds from the auction to GiveDirectly, a nonprofit organization that financially supports families living in poverty.