VKonakte, A Russian Facebook-like social network, has lifted its ban on blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining related sources advertising.

The social network, founded by Telegram creator Pavel Durov, has changed its position on cryptocurrencies and has officially authorized advertising of cryptocurrency services in Russia, including training courses, media and other projects related to cryptocurrencies and mining, VC reports.

VKonakte warned that it may still reject advertising that contains "unsupported guarantees for quick and passive earnings" or violate the advertisement rules of the platform. The company did not specify whether advertisers can pay Kontakte with cryptocurrencies or not.

“Our team believes in the principles of maximum openness and security, on which the technology of blockchain is built. We decided to remove restrictions in order to open more opportunities for active development of the cryptocurrency market,” Andrey Rogozov, managing director of VKontakte, said.

Since July 2016 the number of blockchain and cryptocurrency related comments and posts in VKontakte has grown several times, the company added. In July 2017, the owners of communities dedicated to cryptocurrencies complained about restrictions on advertising from VKontakte. In particular, the administration of the social network rejected announcements mentioning cryptocurrency services and ICO. The platform's moderators referred to the rule that allows the rejection of advertising that does not correspond to the general advertising policy, views and convictions of the social network management.