29 September 2020 10:43

Prediction Market has always been a tepid track in the DeFi world.

24 September 2020 14:51

The Russian Ministry of Finance drafted laws to regulate cryptocurrencies and counter money laundering through digital assets. It proposes to introduce criminal liability for the lack of declaring cryptocurrencies.

23 September 2020 11:45

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, expressed disagreement with the widespread opinion that the DeFi market boom is similar to that one of ICOs in 2017. According to him, unlike ICO projects, DeFi protocols are already working.

22 September 2020 14:45

According to CoinGecko, more than a third of DeFi users involved in yield farming do not know how to read smart contracts and assess the risks associated with them. This is fraught with loss of investment in the future.