21 August 2019 10:59

In early August 2019, the pan-Asian cryptocurrency exchange Coineal, which is currently actively expanding its presence in Russian cryptocommunity, announced its entry into a strategic partnership with the technological startup BlockchainHouse, which provides unique services for our market: the company is specialized in the field of market-making (MM) for blockchain projects.

29 April 2019 11:31

Medical Care has always been a front-line, mission-critical, use case for emerging technologies with fast and furious adoption turning into almost an arms race.

11 April 2018 06:13

After taking some time off air and making final touches after the TGE, the Tokenbox Team issued a detailed report and shared highlights of what they have done since the beginning of 2018.

15 January 2018 06:09

To respond to the growing demand for multiservice solutions for cryptocurrencies, the Singapore startup Blockchain Capital Pte. Ltd. has developed a solution that would enable users to keep cryptocurrencies in wallets, follow the cryptocurrency portfolio in real time through a light mobile app, and to carry out smartphone payments in sales outlets and make electronic money transfers.