16 July 2019 08:59

The market for crypto-trading platforms is changing at an incredible speed. Regulators' pressure, changes in the regulatory environment, cyber-attacks, Bitcoin rate fluctuation, unscrupulous attempts to wind up trading volume to attract ICO, and now IEO-projects, all these contribute to changes in the balance of power in the crypto market.

05 July 2019 12:39

Not all blockchain projects survived the long crypto-winter. Only a few managed to overcome financial difficulties and continue development. EncryptoTel startup is among them, and they develop a telecom platform with advanced cryptographic protection methods.

20 June 2019 13:40

More than 1000 members of the crypto community gathered for the renowned blockchain conference from June 6th to 13th aboard the Oasis of the Seas in the Mediterrenean.

15 April 2019 10:13

To the general public, blockchain networks like Ethereum sometime seem like a magical alternative to traditional payment systems: phrases like “free transactions” and “instant payments” are common.