23 January 2018 09:06

Commercialisation of the space exploration is a very profitable business. According to the US FAA report, market capitalization in 2016 was more than $330 bln, and the US and the EU had more than 20 commercial cosmos trips.

23 January 2018 08:13

The government of South Korea has announced to apply the existing tax legislation to cryptocurrency exchanges, which may join the list of the biggest taxpayers of the country.

23 January 2018 08:12

The popularity of Lightning Network, aimed at instant and cheap transactions in the bitcoin system, demonstrates rapid growth, doubling over the weekend and reaching almost 150 nodes.

22 January 2018 11:38

According to a South Korean parliamentarian, the information that the national government will not close the crypto-exchanges was published 40 minutes after its announcement to journalists, which made it possible to use it for personal enrichment purposes.