25 June 2018 19:14

Mining pools controlled by the largest Chinese ASIC miners producer Bitmain, mined more than 42% of bitcoin blocks last week, and their share in the network hashrate is growing, making a '51% attack' on bitcoin more real.

25 June 2018 17:01

Overall cryptocurrency capitalization has managed to increase almost 10% within the last 24 hours and returned to $260 billion. Bitcoin overtopped $6000. But analysts and enthusiasts forecast that exit from this correction will not be easy.

25 June 2018 11:49


Ebang Communication, one of the largest manufacturers of mining chips in China, has applied for an initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

24 June 2018 11:15

The cryptocurrency market continues falling. The price of bitcoin went below $6000, and Ethereum returned to $440.