28 April 2019 14:33

The general attorney office of the State of New York accused Bitfinex of concealing the fact of losing $850 million of company's and customers' funds. After this information was published, approximately $350 million in bitcoins and Ethereum was withdrawn from Bitfinex's cold wallets.

25 April 2019 08:33

The world's largest smartphone maker Samsung is testing its own blockchain network with native token. However, the fate of this project remains in question.

24 April 2019 20:45

The founder of one of the largest financial companies in Japan invested as a private individual in digital currencies at the most inopportune moment when bitcoin peaked in price. As a result, he lost millions.

23 April 2019 08:31

South Korean investors on average invested $6,100 in cryptocurrencies last year. This is 64% more than in 2017.