More and more people learn about bitcoin every day. This currency gradually gains popularity, however far from everyone can properly use it, earn with it an pay for various products and services, even among those who clearly understand the purpose of its launch and all its advantages. “How to pay with bitcoins” is a popular question that is regularly asked by growing numbers of people. Therefore lets take a look at the most common issues that you may face if you need to pay for something with bitcoins.

First you need to figure out the process of such payment itself. Below we provide a short guide for those willing to learn this skill:

  • To start with, you need to create your own bitcoin wallet. It’s quite simple and you can easily find a detailed guide on how to do it online. Therefore we will not discuss this issue in detail and move on to the next step.
  • When you have created a wallet, you need to buy bitcoins. You can do it via various exchanges, however try to avoid exchanges with low demand, even if they offer a better exchange rates, as it may be a scam. You should only use trustworthy exchanges recommended by many websites. After you acquire BTCs, they’ll be transferred to your wallet within a few minutes. To check your bitcoin wallet simply login to it.
  • Your next step is to pay for products and services. You shall complete the order in accordance with all the requirements, fill in all required fields and pass the identity confirmation. After completion of ordering and confirmation processes, you simply click “Pay”, and money will be transferred as a payment for the product within a few minutes. 

As you can see, the payment system is quite simple and anyone is capable to figure it out. However, you might also be interested in what can you buy with bitcoins. Let’s see, what products are currently available for purchase using bitcoins and take a notice of some existing peculiarities of using this currency:

  • Today you can buy absolutely anything with bitcoins: food, clothes, electronics, accessories, pay for various services, etc. It’s everything, but it’s not everywhere. You can see what we mean by opening the website, where you can find a list of all official websites where it will be easy and safe to spend your bitcoins. Naturally, there are other websites as well, but no one can guarantee that you will not be taken advantage of on such unverified resources. The list in Wikipedia only contains verified information, therefore you can shop safely without worrying about your money. If you already took a peak, you might have noticed that it has numerous sections and one can find absolutely any product, however it accumulates data from all over the world. And if you need, for instance, to buy food for bitcoin and you find a “Supermarket” section, you’ll see that currently the option to pay with bitcoins in a supermarket is only available in Netherlands. Therefor you must pay attention to the country, where the product offering is available, as this function may not yet be working for another country.
  • Large companies in some countries cannot accept payments in bitcoins, as not every country has legalized it yet. However, there are ongoing discussions everywhere and it’ likely that the cryptocurrency will be officially approved for use in your country soon. Currently you can shop in e-commerce stores that accept bitcoins. eBay is the largest network accepting payments with bitcoins, where you can shop for anything. It is also possible to make a purchase in various foreign shops, however you shall figure out a proper delivery method. Considering that trading and postal infrastructures nowadays are well developed, this shall not be a major problem.

If you want to find the best way to use bitcoins, there are two of them. The first is to shop worldwide, which significantly widens your opportunities. The second is to invest smartly and earn profit with bitcoins on various exchanges. Naturally, it will take some training to master this skill, however it’s worth to invest some time in such education, hence as a result your job (or side-job, at the very least) will be to look at the monitor and to calculate your moves. It doesn’t require too much time and earns good profits. All you need is a little wit. 

Let’s wrap it up. We figured out some ways how to use bitcoins. Naturally, there are many shops that already accept bitcoins and there is no need to list them all in the article. What’s important is that you understand the principle of using this currency and some tricks (or we’d better call them peculiarities) that you shall not forget about. But even if you only take into consideration some of the factors listed above, payment with bitcoins can be quite simple and beneficial for you.