09 April 2021 08:52

Nine NFTs CryptoPunks tied to tiny pixelated portraits will be auctioned by Christie's. The auction house previously sold the Beeple art piece for $69 million.

08 April 2021 16:37

Robinhood reported that 9.5 million users traded cryptocurrency through its app in Q1. This is almost 5 fold more than in the IV quarter of 2020.

07 April 2021 10:16

PayPal co-founder, billionaire and investor Peter Thiel speculated that bitcoin could become a financial weapon in the hands of China, which uses digital currency to topple the dominant status of the US dollar on the global stage.

06 April 2021 10:33

Bitcoin mining in China is so carbon-intensive that it threatens the national goal of reducing environmental emissions, a new study supposes.