A stable and quality cell service seems to have been among the basic needs of every citizen for long. Using cell phones on a daily basis, sending e-mails and holding video conferences, we do not reflect on the technical means which provide us with all these services, and the most important question is: who are these people laying kilometres of the superhighways to the farthest corners of the world?

 The Teleport project, which in the coming years aims to build and operate the "Silk Road of Communication" from Stockholm to Heihe, has been working in this sphere for 25 years. Is it worth saying that professionals were brought-up in nearly three decades of experience and the highest competence? It is the impressive amount of work done in the field of communications that enables the project to have impressive ambitions and goals that are more similar to the professional challenge to the entire telecom-community.

 Ten years ago, the project crew installed 9,000 km of high-speed fibre. The branch linked Moscow, Urals, and Siberia with the Internet at the highest speed - 200 Gbit/s. The backbone has provided a reliable link to large corporate clients, but today's realities make it clear that the fast Internet is need of absolutely every user with access to the World Wide Web. Therefore, in response to the modern requirements of the communications market, the Teleport project is not only planning but is installing a new backbone of 12700 km long. That will provide Russia, Europe and China with an unlimited internet at speeds up to 8800 Gbit/s.

 It is noteworthy that to raise funding, the founders of this reliable project announced the beginning of ICO, for which 100 million TELE tokens were issued. It is possible to purchase tokens in both cryptocurrency and more familiar fiat money. The project promises a high return in a two-year period, with each investor subsequently choosing the desired form of income generation: exchange for Teleport services or the ability to resell tokens at a higher price.

 The impressive experience of the team, the kilometres of superhighway built and the knowledge of all the details and nuances suggest that the project team is bound to succeed. And the project is willing to share its success with everyone.

 More details: https://tele2-teleport.io