Thanks to the technologies of decentralization, people have availability to torrents, payments in crypto-currencies, markets of predictions, decentralized markets, exchanges and casinos.

Rising the popularity of decentralized data storage, based on the blockchain of social media. However, there is another area that can drastically change due to decentralization and blockchain. This is computer games.

We have already accustomed to the fact that new computer games make high demands on hardware. As a result, only a tiny fraction of gamers can comfortably play modern games. The rest have to be satisfied with the games of the previous generation or a radical decrease in image quality. However, there is a way to play the most modern games with Full HD resolution, and a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. At the same time, it won't be necessary to update the computer or laptop, even the techniques of a decade ago will suffice. Thanks to the technology of "streaming" it is also possible to launch computer games on the screens of Smart TV and mobile devices.

And now Playkey is ready to offer decentralized streaming, which will become available due to PKT tokens. A user who wants to run the game on his weak computer pays for the start of the game with PKT tokens. Another user, who has a powerful graphics card, is mining PKT tokens, and thus shares the powers of his computer. Data transmits in an encrypted streaming mode using smart contracts.

Offer of Playkey is beneficial for both players and miners. Players will be able to connect to a decentralized system that quickly processes graphics. Miners are able to earn PKT tokens steadily, which is more efficient and more profitable than dealing with cryptocurrency mining. After decentralized streaming will become reality, Playkey will start developing games and game currencies, investing in e-sports and online broadcasting, creating applications and content. To pay for various initiatives, funding is provided from the Playkey fund. Now is planning that due to marketing and advertising will be able to attract at least 10 million players. On the Cryptonomos platform, PKT tokens are available for purchase right now. By purchasing tokens in advance, you can get a bonus.

For more information, is at your disposal. There you can get all the details of this really hot offer. Technical details are available in White Paper, and we continue to discuss the prospects of the project in the comments.