The NAU platform is started it’s pre-ICO, which will help retailers attract new clients with the help of special offers, eliminating the need for costly middlemen in the process.

New clients will be attracted by the platforms users, which will get rewards for sharing special offers through referrals. For convenience purposes, the platform can be used through a website or a geolocational mobile application. Blockchain technology will guarantee that the platform is secure and trustworthy.

Existing problem: the use of traditional marketing instruments requires a significant amount of funds for middlemen and services, competition is growing, and advertisement setups are becoming expensive and complicated. Even if you put mass media to the side, through which it's impossible to quantify income, and use only contextual advertisements based on the CPC model, retailers will still have to consistently pay specialists that can set up advertisements, and then pay again for each click. Additionally, if a retailer wants to figure out ROI he will have to pay for analytics too.

Coupon websites did lend a hand in helping solve the analytics issue by implementing the CPA model, by which earnings can easily be calculated. But they created conditions under which the retailers has to continuously provide exorbitant discounts. Coupon sites also charge a high fee, therefore, working with traditional coupon sites became unprofitable.

The NAU platform gives retailers the possibility to attract clients directly, without the need for middlemen. NAU will revamp the idea of coupons and create advertisements that carry a high motivational factor for users to actively refer individuals to the platform. Elimination of middlemen will significantly decrease marketing budgets, and the CPA model can easily be used to calculate the effectiveness of advertisements.

How will the NAU platform work?

Retailers launch special offers on the platform and create a price based on NAU tokens, which they will be ready to pay for each time an offer is used by a client. A geolocational map and filters can be used to search for offers. Users who were referred by clients will gain 95% of the reward in NAU tokens for claiming an offer. The NAU platform will receive the remaining 5%.

Ultimately, retailers will be free from having to overpay middlemen and will be able to easily calculate the ROI from their promotions, and remain profitable. Their clients can buy and use services with benefits, acquiring discounts, bonuses and free goods. Platform users will receive 95% as a payment from a retailer for a purchase. So, users have a great deal of motivation to share information among their social circle, which will create a viral effect and help the platform grow with a constant flow of new participants.

Why is it profitable to buy tokens?

NAU tokens will be used by retailers to pay for the use of their offers, and also as payment for advertising options on the platform: notifications about target audiences, highlighted offer placements, etc. Additionally, it is planned to implement the possibility for users to use NAU tokens to pay for retailer offers in the future.

The NAU team has a serious approach towards the development of the project and will be expanding it through all available marketing channels and activities. Also, the platforms constant growth will be influenced by the high activity of referred users.

The constant extension and growth of the platform will increase the demand for NAU tokens, and the limited supply will help maintain a stable token price growth. During the pre-ICO and ICO, there will be an opportunity to acquire tokens at a discounted price, this will be appealing not only to investors, but to potential platform users who can use the NAU platform with added benefits.

Pre-ICO of the NAU started from the 1st of November and will end on the 27 of November

Hard Cap at this stage will be 50 million tokens

Token price during pre-ICO 1 NAU = $0.04 with a 35% bonus

ICO will be held from the 29 of November to the 29 of December

Hard Cap: 300 million tokens

Token price during pre-ICO 1 NAU = $0.04 - $0.06 depending on the stage

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