Algorithmic trading systems in a human motivated cryptocurrency market may not be the most appropriate tool for consistent profitability within the ecosystem. The dynamic nature of the fast-moving crypto market requires continuous adaptation and qualitative collaboration in order to achieve be ahead in the game.

A collaborative innovation

Signals platform is offering cryptocurrency traders and data science developers the opportunity to work together in continuous research and building of trading platform that will be easy to use by everyone. This involves the development of a simple user interface for assembling indicators and creating signals to optimize profit on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Prior to this time, participants in the cryptocurrency market have been faced with various complexities. Some of which have led to learning various machine learning methods that in the long run leave traders even more confused. As a matter of fact, most traders these days hardly know when they have scaled from practical investors to mere gamblers. This is usually due to the absence of maintaining a result-oriented system that stands the test of time.

The blockchain advantage

With the benefit of blockchain’s collaborative properties, traders and developers are able to work together on the Signals platform. This collaboration will enable the generation of trading strategies that can be adapted to various cryptocurrency exchanges for profit optimization. This system involves a combination of strategies from specific trading indicators, ranging from technical analysis to crowd wisdom insights. These are trained on historical data and can be monetized by offering copy trading.

In order to achieve this, Signals employs the sophisticated machine learning techniques developed by data science specialists in the Czech Republic and ties to decentralized supercomputers. The potential of these technologies will be even greater once Signals integrate their platform with them more in the future. This is a new startup that will give people accessible interface to be able to run complex computations within short periods and under a small budget.

A market for everyone

Apparently, the booming cryptocurrency trading market which has experienced significant influx of participants with increased complexity is about to become demystified. Indeed, a dynamic problem requires a dynamic solution, and this is exactly what Signals offers to the trading community. As mentioned above, this solution is not reserved for just geeks, but rather through a user interface can be accessed and implemented by everyone without any special programming knowledge.

Essentially, this platform is created for educating traders to get rid of cognitive bias and make smarter decisions, which involves the making of critical, transparent and influence investment decisions while reducing the risks. The platform also provides an environment to build and optimize smart trading strategies, while giving people an option to monetize their strategies.

In summary, the Signals platform is a marketplace of data science powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies, powered by smart technology, with a strong technological background (AI, algo trading, sentiment analysis, machine learning, potentially powered by a supercomputer).