As the interest towards the cryptocurrencies grows, it has to be admitted that there are not so many comfortable platforms for cryptocurrency trade and exchange capable of satisfying all the requirements of the investor.

Those who wish to accomplish transactions with bitcoins, litecoins or Ethereum, often have to face following problems:

  • The support service does not react or reacts several days late;
  • Even an advanced investor needs to spend lots of time to introduce fiat money in the system;
  • The interface is often uncomfortable or incomprehensible for beginners;
  • The funds are being introduced into the system with the help of middlemen who are paid outrageous commission fees;
  • There are no guarantees: an exchange can collapse or be hacked;
  • When there is a question, there is no one to ask.

The Bitexbook exchange was created by twenty professional programmers, financiers and traders to answer all these questions. If you wish to trade in cryptocurrencies and accomplish any transaction easily, comfortably and securely, it has now become possible!

Bitexbook took a decision to become an official resident of the Belarusian Park of High Technologies. Therefore, its activity will be legal in the EEU countries and the customers of the exchange will get additional protection from the state regulator and a possibility to be official token owners.

Advantages of the Bitexbook cryptoexchange

Top-up in 60 seconds

The top-up makes it possible to transfer the funds to the exchange. Top-ups are available from:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets (BTC, ETH, LTC).
  • Visa and MasterCard plastic cards.
  • WebMoney and Yandex.Money electronic payment systems.

Fiat money withdrawal in 60 minutes

  • In other exchanges, withdrawal of funds takes 1 to 3 days if not longer; no withdrawal is available to the official electronic services.
  • Bitexbook guarantees withdrawal in 1 hour.

Here you may get to know the commission fees and the possibilities of top-up and withdrawal of funds.

Profile verification on Bitexbook cryptoexchange in 24 hours.

To protect the funds of its customers and to comply with legal requirements, the Bitexbook exchange offers two-step verification. A higher level of verification gives additional possibilities to the customer.

Quick and efficient support service

  • Sometimes a customer has to wait days and weeks for the answer or be the 99th in the queue.
  • Bitexbook will answer quickly and help solve your problem.

Transparent beneficial commission fees starting from 0.1%

  • Bitexbook collects a commission fee starting from 0.1%. The larger the trade volume, the smaller is the commission fee!
  • It is advantageous for large traders.

Your money is protected

  • Other exchanges may keep the funds of customers on Internet servers, therefore exposing them to risks.
  • Bitexbook preserves your funds in cryptocurrency, only on cold wallets that nobody can access. The wallets are protected by multisignature of several owners.
  • Rubles, dollars and euros are stored in large European banks.
  • The access to the customers’ accounts has five levels of protection:

SMS, e-mail and Google authentication, white list of wallets and IP.

Choosing Bitexbook, you choose modern technologies, comfort and security. Jоin the legal cryptocurrency exchange!