The blockchain as an immutable data storing system allows to increase the efficiency of many sectors. In aviation, it can help make a huge leap forward in the issues of air flight safety, security and comfort.

The research, development and production company I’M AERO, well-known as a solid platform for the training of ultralight aircraft pilots and a design office with an experience of creating their own aircraft, worked out a plan to introduce the blockchain into the industry of ultralight airborne vehicles: helicopters, planes and unmanned aircraft. The blockchain will enable to keep an integrated ledger of manufactured details and airborne vehicles, preserve the flying time data as well as information about technical state and repair works. This will exclude forgeries, falsifications and improper use of component parts – problems that often lead to tragic incidents in the air.

The issue of confirming the pilot’s licences becomes ever more urgent: storing the information about the qualification of the pilots in the decentralised ledger would allow to get the information about their qualification more securely.

The I’M AERO team, working in the field of ultralight aircraft since 2001, won a prize in the 2017 World Ultralight Aviation Championship in London. It plans to create a blockchain ecosystem for helicopters and help mass diffusion of ultralight helicopters in the whole world. They can be useful in agriculture, healthcare, medical treatment in faraway regions, petroleum sector and transport industry: ultralight helicopters are predicted a great future. According to Airbus Helicopters, by 2036 the demand for ultralight helicopters will soar to 125 billion euros, and most of this sum (more than a half) are expected to be paid for the light single-engine helicopters.

To develop the blockchain ecosystem and to be able to launch a large-scale production of ultralight helicopters, including a helicopter unparalleled anywhere in the world, with a coaxial circuit of screws, the I’M AERO project starts a token sale: 70 million IAM tokens are to be sold.

The IAM tokens will allow their holders to purchase the I’M AERO products, and pay for other services  proposed by the participants of the blockchain ecosystem. The price of the IAM tokens is expected to grow because the tokens unused at purchase will be lost, and 20% tokens will be redeemed every year by the company.

According to the prepared roadmap, in 2019 the company is scheduled to launch a mass production of ultralight helicopters (no less than 50 machines per year), their sale all over the world, and to create a decentralised platform for helicopter taxis, an analogy of Uber, helping helicopter passenger operations become a mass phenomenon.

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