BOMESP – the first exchange of digital currencies, has already raised US $ 2.5 million with the sale of Niobiuns (NBC), which will be the fuel for this Crypto-Coins Stock Exchange. The new crypto will have its ICO closed on February 21 next.

The São Paulo Virtual Corporate Currencies Stock Exchange (BOMESP) will have its sustainability guaranteed. It has already coined 2 million Niobiuns (NBC) in its ICO, to date. These 2 million Niobiuns are equivalent to 8.38 million reais, which is equivalent to about US $ 2.5 million.

According to the lawyer Fernando Barrueco, expert in cryptoactive BOMESP, the expectation is that the final funding, which should continue until February 21, will fluctuate between 15 million and 26 million Niobiuns, which would genrate a total funding equivalent to $ 50 millions.These results and the expectations seem brilliant and credible for the sustainability of Nioibum and BOMESP," says Barrueco. The launch of the virtual currency trading platform is scheduled for the second half of 2018.

According to Barrueco, "it is important to point out that Niobium is created following predetermined rules in its Smart Contract, whose emission occurs only if there is demand". That is, each Niobium will only exist if someone pays for it, which makes this currency safe, secure and free from any manipulation. Hence, it reduces a high amount of risk as well as transaction fess.

Barrueco estimates that the great appreciation of Bitcoin in 2017 led the governments of several countries, Brazil among them, to seek to improve the regulation of this market. "This has created a favorable environment for our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) through our utility token, the Niobium Coin, which will be BOMESP's fuel."Developed by the international Niobium Foundation, BOMESP is the first virtual currency stock exchange specialized in crypto-coins issued by Brazilian companies. It will enable companies of any size and from anywhere in the world to capture resources, enabling them to find investors willing to profit from the booming virtual currency market, of which the best known are BitCoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) .

Since, Niobium is not any financial asset itself but a referrence for other currencies, it has been approved by Brazillian equivalent of Securities and Exchange Regulation. It opens new opportuities of business as the cost of raising funds reduces drastically with this exchange. Usually when comapnies issue their IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), there are many hidden expenses involved. These expenses become null when they take the path of issuing ICOs when raising funds. Also, the transparency with blockchain technology is at its highest degree and thus, it is easy to identify defaulters and frauds. Due to decentralised system, records can not be manipulated at all and the accountability and truthfulness of the companies towards the investors are maintained. The problem of moral hazards or lack of information is eliminated with the elimination of intermidiary. All and all, this technology is revolutionary in itself and is opening new avenues not just for the companies or investors but for the communities as a whole.