Crowdsale Network launches a platform for ICO projects, designed to significantly reduce the costs of carrying out crowdsdale, make the process more transparent for investors and help a wider range of entrepreneurs to enter the digital market.

The attraction of investments by issuing and placing tokens is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. Investment size, received by start-ups through the so-called initial coin offerings (ICO), surpassed venture financing in the early phase (VC) in the second quarter of 2017. If in 2017 the ICO were raised a record $ 5 billion, in the first months of 2018 ICO-projects collected more than $ 4.8 billion.
Despite the rapid growth of popularity, start-ups, as well as investors in them, constantly face a number of problems related to reliability and inefficient spending of funds. Thus, when using the ICO mechanism, the cost of conducting it at the moment is unreasonable.
For instance: up to 70% of the budget goes to marketing. Even more difficult for the founders of the project is to find qualified employees who are familiar with the hearsay with the blockchain technologies. The main problem for investors was the process of selecting projects, in which it is worth investing. The ratio of successful and unsuccessful ICOs is at best 1: 5, and according to some estimates, 1: 9. Many ICO-projects are fraudulent schemes. So, the largest crypto-currency scam turned out to be the Ifan and Pincoin projects that called themselves cryptostarts from Singapore and Dubai and attracted $ 660 million from 32,000 investors. After the completion of the ICO, it was found out that both start-ups were controlled by the Vietnamese Modern Tech from Ho Chi Minh City, which disappeared with investors' money, leaving them with nothing. And there are dozens and even hundreds of such cases.
The Crowdsale Network platform is designed to solve these emerging challenges of the new industry, which simplifies the process of carrying out crowdsdale and reduces the startup expenses for advertising. The project must submit an application for an ICO or crowdfunding campaign taking into account the requirements of the platform. The three-level evaluation of ICO projects before attracting money, and assistance in the process of access to the crowdsdale will be handled by experts from numerous CSN Labs offices. Representatives of the laboratory will open in major cities of many countries of the world, thereby creating a unified network of professional teams for selecting and supporting selected startups.
The technical capabilities of the Crowdsale Network platform will allow participants to attract financing using tools that work on several algorithms (Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, and Proof-of-Activity). This will allow participants to develop their own branches in the blockchain network.
The mission of the platform is to help start-ups working in innovative fields, such as artificial intelligence, personilized medicine, smart technologies and blockchain, crypto education, Internet of things, "green" energy, virtual, augmented reality and eSports.
The platform pays special attention to educational programs: in the Crowdsale Network ecosystem, webinars, online meetings will be held by the founders of new projects, the best experts of the crypto-currency market and blockchain technologies.
The economic model of the platform will be supported by commissions that start-ups will pay in the event of a successful ICO. Commissions for ICO projects will be 10%, for crowdfunding projects will be 5% of the total collected funds. All collected commissions will be distributed between holders of internal CSN platform tokens created on the basis of the ERC20 standard. You can become a holder of CSN tokens during the ICO, which will end on May 25, 2018. The cost of the token is $ 0.3. 80% of the funds raised by the project team will be directed to the development of the crypto industry, distributing funds between promising ICO projects that will subm

it applications and will be carefully selected for carrying out the crowdsales and crowdfunding campaigns on the platform.
The Crowdsale Network team has already created a working version of the platform. The platform already started accepting applications from startups for the ICO.
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