If you’re passionate about the whole cryptocurrency phenomenon, you may have heard about airdrops. An airdrop can be defined as the process by which a cryptocurrency project’s team freely distributes tokens directly into the wallets of various users.

Airdrops represent one of the most efficient and lucrative marketing methods through which a crypto-related business can create awareness of the product at hand, increase the number of customers, and, thus, generate market lead.

Even simpler, airdrops can be defined as incentive coin offerings. Customers can receive free coins by simply filling out the required surveys with information that might be later used in various marketing campaigns.

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There are multiple ways you can find the next big profitable airdrop. For example, you could use Google and search for a particular airdrop, you could scout on various crypto-related websites, or even better, you could visit 99airdrops.com.

Launched in 2018, 99airdrops.com is a platform specifically designed for airdrops. In short, it’s the best place where you can find new airdrops, and get useful tips and guidance in regards to dealing with them. You’re provided with relevant information about the airdrops’ legitimacy, how the coins can be redeemed, premium and objective reviews, as well as news and a wide range of tutorials.

The platform is designed to be as intuitive and as novice-accessible as possible. 99airdrops.com was created by a team of young yet very crypto-savvy individuals. The team has worked on other crypto-related projects before, and the members are very accustomed to what good user support means. They’re also open to new business opportunities which might lead to the platform’s improvement.

All the information you need before committing to an airdrop

The service offers its users real-world ratings based on a sophisticated, in-house algorithm. The algorithm is designed to take into account every relevant information such as social media activity, whitepapers, forum threads, the level of engagement of Reddit posts, and other similarly technical aspects. Not only this, but 99airdrops.com lists only legit projects which are previously verified by one or multiple officers responsible for the quality of the website’s content.

It also offers its users price predictions. These predictions are based on an advanced algorithm which combines both mathematical and financial equations. Despite this fact, you are advised and even encouraged to do your own research before enlisting in an airdrop. As relevant and as accurate as these predictions might be, they are not to be considered fully reliable investment advice.

Other relevant features

99airdrops.com also boasts an efficient notification system. You can also subscribe to the newsletter, since this might actually be the best way to stay up to date with the latest limited time offers and airdrop happenings.

One other useful feature of the platform is the bookmarking system that allows you to follow and track your favorite projects and airdrops, as well as stay up to date with the daily project scores, estimated prices, and latest news.

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There’s yet another reason why you should consider using 99airdrops.com. The platform is bound to also give you exclusive 24-hour early notices for upcoming and promising airdrops. The platform also rewards its subscribers and users with weekly cryptocurrency prizes.

Taking everything into consideration, 99airdrops.com is the place to be if you want to learn about new upcoming airdrops, or about airdrops in general. The platform is currently one of the best, if not the best, portals for airdrop events listing.