06 July 2015 18:30

Johann Palychata, a research analyst with BNP Paribas Securities Service designed two different scenarios for the future of the blockchain and bitcoin. He also noted the ongoing success of the digital currency.

06 July 2015 17:15

Software that use Bitcoin Core 0.9.4 is vulnerable to invalid blocks that were reportedly generated by some miners on 4 and 5 July causing the threat of double spends, an alert on the states. No fraudulent activity has been reported.

06 July 2015 13:54

Bitcoin price rose considerably due to Greeks backing their government by voting no to EU’s bailout conditions. 

04 July 2015 11:36

In the next 10 years at least one cryptocurrency will reach global acceptance and it can be bitcoin, Reid Hoffman, a venture capitalist, a co-founder of LinkedIn social network and an early Facebook investor, told Fortune.