10 June 2015 17:44

 Factom issued a report revealing some details of the Factoid system developing progress including a pre-release version of the Factom client the team is currently working on.

10 June 2015 14:58

BitPremier, an online bitcoin marketplace, has added a new item into its luxury line – a brand new Pitster Pro Double X 200 Limited edition. This “all-terrain fun” is on sale for 16.569 BTC.

09 June 2015 19:20

Bitcoin Solutions has introduced a new version of MultiBit desktop bitcoin wallet.   The name of the new version of the famous wallet is “MultiBit HD”. “MultiBit HD” costs 0.00001 bitcoin.
09 June 2015 16:53

A Chinese company, BitExchange announced its “University Bitcoin ATM Program”. The goal of the program is to install 20 bitcoin ATMs in universities worldwide.