26 June 2015 23:40

The Royal Bank of Scotland is implementing a Proof-of-Concept with Ripple technology for automated bank transfers. The bank plans to invest £3.5 million in its broad-scale two years transformation plan focusing primarily on the IT system resilience. 

26 June 2015 17:15

An article by Filip Martinka, analyzing the behaviour of bitcoin enthusiasts, comes to the conclusion that many of them can only be accurately described as zealots and fanatics. Curiously, bitcoin adversaries do not seem any more logical.  

26 June 2015 16:20

Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering recommends the national governments to regulate bitcoin exchanges. The organization included opinion in “Risk-guided approach to Virtual Currencies”.

26 June 2015 09:17

Bank employees mark all the accounts that receive €1,000 or more from bitcoin sites, suggests a Reddit user.