25 June 2015 08:10

Factom project finished development of a wallet for Factoid tokens. At the end of 2015 businesses and users should be able to use these tokens to secure their data.
25 June 2015 07:38

During the first quarter of 2015, the giant retailer’s “losses on cryptocurrency investment” were $117,000, suggests the quarterly earnings report. However, it does not dissuade Overstock from dealing with bitcoin.

24 June 2015 20:41

Scrypt.CC cloud mining service has been hacked by unknown intruders and a significant amount of bitcoins has been stolen. The incident occurred on 22 June 2015.

24 June 2015 20:18

“Natural products”, the first grocery store in Ukraine to accept bitcoin, announced a 10% discount on all items for customers paying in cryptocurrency.