19 June 2015 15:56

 A member of the Liberland Settlement Association (LSA) got arrested on the territory of Liberland and abducted by the Croatian police on Thursday, 18 June.

19 June 2015 13:09

The number of bitcoin-accepting merchants grows but the number of customers shopping with bitcoin is always the same, says Stephen Pair, the co-founder and CEO of BitPay. It means the company needs to diversify its business.

19 June 2015 07:54

BitFury group began to collect bitcoin donations for the victims of Tbilisi floods. We turned to the company to find more about first results of the marathon, personal involvement and distribution of donations

18 June 2015 22:16

Sand Hill Exchange, an experimental stock market, has ceased its online trading following the decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company agreed to pay $20,000 in penalty issued by SEC for violating securities trading laws.