15 June 2015 13:59

A new bitcoin-powered remittance service, cash2vn allows its clients to send any amount of money to Vietnam for a fee of $2. The recipient does not need to know anything about bitcoin.

15 June 2015 09:06

‘Draft Biden 2016’, a political action committee that endorses the nomination of Joe Biden as President in 2016, added an option to send donations in bitcoin. Cryptocurrency donations are limited to $100.

14 June 2015 22:23

Ali Shukri Amin, 17, of Manassas, Virginia pleaded guilty to providing material help to the ISIS terrorist group. Attorney General of Virginia stated that Amin specifically gave ISIS members advise on bitcoin.

12 June 2015 21:15

The Swiss Federal Tax authority has confirmed that there is no VAT on bitcoin in Switzerland, Bitcoin Association Switzerland reports.