01 October 2020 20:11

The US Attorney's Office opened a criminal case against the founders and heads of the BitMEX crypto exchange. The US Trading Futures Commission also accuses BitMEX of violating various AML and bank secrecy laws.

30 September 2020 16:09

The IRS named the winners of the tender for a solution for tracking transactions in cryptocurrency networks with increased privacy. These are the Texas-based company Integra FEC and Chainalysis known for its collaboration with American government agencies.

29 September 2020 10:43

Prediction Market has always been a tepid track in the DeFi world.

28 September 2020 15:34

Since the beginning of 2020, the number of Tether addresses with a positive balance tripled, and the emission of all stablecoins taken together exceeded $20 billion.