08 May 2019 19:42

Binance fell victim to a successful hacker attack. Cybercriminals managed to withdraw 7000 BTC from the hot wallet of the exchange.

07 May 2019 09:40

Russian oil and gas company “Nordgas trading” has signed a memorandum of cooperation with “Fin foundation” company, implementing token payment on gas stations in South Korea. We have asked “Nordgas Trading” CEO Petr Zinchenko what he expects from this collaboration.

06 May 2019 19:39

The prominent economist Joseph Stiglitz once again collapsed with sharp criticism on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He called bitcoin a tool for illegal financial activities.

05 May 2019 12:49

Consulting firm DeVere Group and investment company Fidelity published results of their independent surveys of large investors attitude to digital assets. Both polls demonstrate high interest in crypto in more than half of investors.