24 October 2018 19:01

Nornickel, one of the largest nickel producers in the world, announced its plans to issue stablecoin, pegged to precious metals. According to Nornickel, the virtual asset will help to quickly attract funding bypassing long procedures.

23 October 2018 10:18

The experts analyzed more than 200 cryptocurrencies and concluded that most of them are fully controlled by their teams of developers.

22 October 2018 12:52

The telecommunication blockchain project EncryptoTel will participate as a member of the Say Future: Security forum, which will take place in Moscow on October 24-25, 2018 and will be dedicated to the latest security technologies.

17 October 2018 10:11

The losses of cryptocurrency exchanges from cyber and hacker attacks in 2017 and 9 months of 2018 almost reached $1 billion. Phishing and social engineering remain the favorite and most effective tools of cybercriminals.