12 April 2018 11:00

The Viarium virtual worlds Platform will bring together the best practices in the field of technologies of virtual reality and the blockchain.

12 April 2018 09:25

Clairety, the world’s first completely objective AI-driven rating agency to determine the credibility of social media content, has announced its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

11 April 2018 20:00

The cryptocurrency market remains in a depressive flat, discouraging brokers and traders. Analysts' forecasts range from iridescent promises of soon-to-be "to the Moon" to the approaching collapse predictions.

11 April 2018 14:10

Russian law enforcement arrested businessmen for illegal electricity consumption at an abandoned factory in a city of Russian Urals, while the customs service in Siberia notices increasing number of attempts to import undeclared ASICs from China.