05 March 2015 06:42

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin documentary is playing on Lufthansa and SingaporeAir international flights, according to reports on Twitter. 

04 March 2015 19:54

The BitcoinExpo conference has finished in Vienna. Officials, academics, and businessmen came together to discuss pressing problems issues, says Coinfox CEO Yury Yemshanov.

04 March 2015 18:11

People in Ukraine are turning to bitcoin in their search for a means to preserve their savings while the national currency is heavily affected by the inflation and the capital controls introduced by the authorities.

04 March 2015 11:38

In its February 2015 report on “virtual currency schemes”, the ECB analyzes existing and potential benefits and threats of cryptocurrencies. It believes them to be insignificant at the moment but potentially dangerous in the future.