24 July 2015 11:49

A new bitcoin app transforms any computer or laptop into a telephone. It is not necessary to install any software or even register. All that users need is some bitcoin.

24 July 2015 09:42

The government of the North African country looks for a bitcoin intern. The third-largest French bank Société Générale posted a job listing for an “IT developer on bitcoin, blockchains and cryptocurrencies”.

23 July 2015 23:01

OpenBazaar, a decentralised bitcoin peer-to-peer marketplace, is planning to attract up to 21% of people unsatisfied with eBay services. Brian Hoffman, the lead developer of the open source project, talked to This Week In Startups about their potential target group and immediate goals.

23 July 2015 11:27

Bitcoiners are optimistic but they do not expect to become millionaires overnight anymore, says Coindesk Bitcoin Price Survey. They believe in slow but inexorable growth of bitcoin and hope for the ending to its volatility.