26 May 2015 23:09

The State of New Jersey finally reached a settlement with Tidbit, a company founded by an MIT student Jeremy Rubin. In 2013 Rubin (who now works for the MIT Media Lab) created a program that allowed website owners to use the computers of the website visitors to mine bitcoins. Now Rubin agreed “to stop accessing computers without owners consent”.

26 May 2015 18:54

A Canadian gold metals exchange, BitGold will pay $42 million for the Jersey-based vaulting service GoldMoney. This move will allow blockchain-using company to significantly widen their client base.

26 May 2015 12:47

From Tuesday, 26 May, three bookstores run by the Simon Fraser University in the student campuses of Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver, will accept bitcoins and launch bitcoin ATMs.

25 May 2015 22:42

A group of enthusiasts in Australia hopes to use blockchain technology to pursue “true democracy”. They want citizens to define the way politicians vote using an everyday online referendum. To secure the results of this referendum, Australian inventors hope to use blockchain.