22 June 2015 13:43

A group of bitcoin enthusiasts installed the first bitcoin ATM in Greece. If you are in Athens, you can buy digital currency in Orizontes bookshop. 

22 June 2015 07:57

After five months of discussions, Gavin Andresen works to change bitcoin’s block size to 8MB. The new block size will be introduced in 2016. And from 2016 onwards, the size is expected to double every two years.

20 June 2015 10:45

Elliptic has launched a new visualisation tool designed to help fight money laundering and assist businesses in demonstrating their regulatory compliance.

19 June 2015 16:48

A Danish cryptocurrency exchange, CCEDK and Bit-X, a London-based bitcoin company, aim at wiring digital currencies to debit cards in seconds. CCEDK will also use public ledger to increase operations transparency.