21 April 2015 11:49

The first bitcoin exchange offering to trade Chilean pesos for bitcoin has launched in Chile with financial assistance from the government. It aims to become the keystone of bitcoin infrastructure in Latin America.

21 April 2015 10:18

A micronation established by a Czech politician on seven square kilometres of ‘no man’s land’ between Serbia and Croatia sees itself as a libertarian haven.

21 April 2015 07:57

Members of the Finnish Pirate Party raised a record sum of $15,000 in bitcoin donations before elections to the national parliament. Despite this, the party lost the elections, receiving just 0.85% of votes across the nation.

20 April 2015 22:08

Crypto Moms, an American bitcoin forum for women, celebrates its first anniversary. The forum has enjoyed some success in promoting cryptocurrency to its target audience over the past year.