05 May 2015 16:09

A London-based crypto-startup, SpectroCoin provides bitcoin-to-cash services in Europe as well as in Asia, but it is in the Eastern Europe where the startup has accomplished a real success. Among the latest bitcoin-accepting businesses in the region are Lukoil gas stations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as a Lithuanian taxi service Vilnius veža, two sports arenas, numerous restaurants and four e-commerce websites.

05 May 2015 14:42

An extremely volatile national currency and a bank system that is not trusted by the public make Argentina a perfect bitcoin playground, claims NYT’s Nathaniel Popper. And although the number of bitcoin users in the country is relatively small, Argentina has become a place where the virtual currency is actually used by the ordinary people in everyday commercial transactions due to the failing local banking system.

05 May 2015 08:25

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced the end of its operational activity. Among the reasons cited are a lack of sufficient growth, low metrics, and consequently rising maintenance costs. However, the team will continue to work on a new product, to be released soon.

04 May 2015 19:51

Bankymoon, a South Africa-based startup, makes it possible for those without a bank account to pay utility bills with digital currency. According to the World Bank, half of the world’s population is unbanked, and 80% of them live in Africa. Bitcoin can be a powerful tool in the hands of the unbanked and underbanked people struggling to make ends meet, Bankymoon’s founder Lorien Gamaroff believes.