08 May 2015 10:59

“Bitcoins candidate” to UK Parliament Gulnar Hasnain finished third in the tough contest in Vauxhall, London. The Green party activist considers this to be a success.

07 May 2015 21:53

Instead of playing against the system itBit decided to find a place within it. The New York State Department of Financial Services has granted itBit the legal right to operate across the country. Thus, the bitcoin exchange becomes the first to be fully regulated in the United States.

07 May 2015 21:43

BitSpark is shutting down its bitcoin exchange service and putting all the effort into the remittance platform. The company’s vision is still to change the world for the better — but they have decided to address the problem of money transfer from a different angle.

07 May 2015 16:33

The Head of Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Jennifer Shasky Calvery informed her colleagues about the Ripple case in California. She stated that FinCEN has a team of experts who work exclusively on digital currency.