02 June 2015 08:41

The famous American magazine published a lengthy article about the future of payments, featuring QR codes and bitcoin. In the future, according to Playboy, payments will be instantaneous, anonymous and creative.

01 June 2015 20:58

Joi Ito, the head of MIT Media Lab, discussed the future of bitcoin during Q&A session on Reddit. He stated that overregulation could be dangerous for the bitcoin community in the future.

01 June 2015 10:38

A group of Blockchain wallet users lost some of their funds due to a bug in the old version of Blockchain mobile wallet app. The company recommends updating the application as soon as possible.

01 June 2015 08:08

One of the main Australian banks is going to use Ripple to transfer payments between its subsidiaries, according to its chief information officer. He also believes the bank should store bitcoin and air miles.