20 March 2015 16:50

The research division of Intel Corporation, Intel Labs, is looking for a graduate of a Computer Science department to study “public ledgers”. The aim is to create “cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms”.

20 March 2015 15:19

Security specialists from Kiev claim that former aides of Viktor Yanukovich finance the separatist movements of Donetsk with “some bitcoins”. Officials hope to block them but have not revealed how they plan to do so.

20 March 2015 10:05

Adding the Mexican peso and Indian Rupee to its list of currencies, a major bitcoin storage platform now offers its customers the option to convert their bitcoins into eight fiat currencies and four precious metals.

19 March 2015 18:21

Newnote Financial Corp., a Vancouver-based cryptocurrency and bitcoin company, has announced the acquisition of the bitcoin exchange, the point-of-sales provider CoinZero, and an ATM network. They now plan to expand their influence on the Canadian market.