24 April 2015 10:44

A German bitcoiner, Simon Males, has developed a service allowing users to send faxes online and pay for it with bitcoins. Redditors greeted it with a mix of enthusiasm and derision.

23 April 2015 20:12

OKCoin, a major Chinese bitcoin exchange, has introduced a new OKLink ‘Superwallet’, which the company claims will transform the industry.

23 April 2015 20:09

Romit, Robocoin’s new remittance software, offers users low-cost cross-border money transfers based on the bitcoin technology, which is hidden from the app’s interface.

23 April 2015 15:45

The European Securities and Markets Commission has issued a call for evidence on public ledger technology and the blockchain in the EU. The Commission will be collecting opinions over the next six month.