20 April 2015 10:03

A partnership with the banking startup Hal-Cash allows bitcoin companies BTCPoint and ChipChap to provide bitcoin functionality through Polish ATMs.

20 April 2015 09:53

Independent investigators say most bitcoins from Mt.Gox were likely stolen and sold in 2011-2012, when bitcoin prices were very low.

20 April 2015 00:44

The company has started a crowdfunding campaign for the project, nicknamed Alexandria: a free, uncensored, indestructible peer-to-peer media library built on top of the blockchain and designed to celebrate the freedom of information.

18 April 2015 06:41

Bitpay, a leading bitcoin payments provider, has announce a new software development kit for iOS. It will allow developers to create new apps for the Apple Store built on top of the BitPay processing system.